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Chairman Desk

” Dear Students, 

I welcome you to the enlightened world of MM Rahmani BEd College. 

This message is particularly to bridge the gap between the students and the administration .This part of the country was without any quality educational institution for a very long period. Students nurturing high ambition had no option but to leave for greener pastures .This trend continued for a very long time. Ambition and availability of basic requirements never matched. 

I was desperate to put an end to the problems and hindrances which I faced as a child in order to achieve my dream of educating myself. The seed of this dream of building a standard educational centre was sown in my days of struggle .MM Rahmani BEd College is the result of this dream. My only dream is to fulfill the aspirations of the local meritorious students. Every goal set by them in life should look like achievable . 

I want my students to be driven by unshakable character. The institution will not only create ambitious professionals but also just, generous and kind human beings. My aim is to create excellent human beings dedicated to the service of society and country. We are poised to use education as a tool to acquire success and wisdom in life. I wish you a life changing educational experience which will help you to walk on the path of truth and light. 

I would like to see my students grow into such a tree which will at least provide calming shade if not flowers and fruits”. .


                         Best Wishes,
                                                MD. ANWAR RAHMANI
                                         Chairman & Founder
                                                                       MM Rahmani College of Education

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